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This is where various other programs are. - There is a zip file with some PICO-8 tweetcarts I made called "tweetcarts-compilation.zip". Some have also been posted on the @shShockDig twitter. - TIC-80 To LOVE2D is a wrapper for TIC-80 programs to either play them in HD, or to make it easier to transition from TIC-80 to LÖVE2D by providing some of the same functions. (Instructions in download) - tweetcarts.zip is a small collection of tweetcarts I made. There are compiled versions which have a menu included in the zip file. - infinitescroll.py is an ascii landscape generator in python that scrolls forever. - infinitescroll-3ds.zip is a 3DS homebrew version of infinitescroll.py, and my first time programming for 3DS. Source included. - rectangle.py is a rectangle with a trail effect. - triangle.py is similar to rectangle.py except with a triangle. - triangle-circle.py is similar to triangle.py except the trail pixels are smaller. - The TIC-80 config file is a PICO-8 style config with palette, font and sprite changes.