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These are some games and other programs I have made in PICO-8. Credits inside carts, if other code was used. -- Tweetcarts -- - Tweet Platform is a platformer engine made in a tweetcart. Download -- Complete Games -- - Pico Pixel Jump is a remake of Pixel Jump on TIC-80. You can download executables from the Pixel Jump page (Windows, Linux, RPi, Mac). - Aquanoid is an arkanoid/breakout style game where you bounce a ball around to destroy soap block art. -- Complete, May Get Updated -- - Game Select Menu Test is a menu that loads other cartridges and allows you to return back through the pause menu. - Jelpi Party is a party game for up to 8 players, each with their own controllers or one controller hotseat. -- Demos -- - Rain is a particle effects demo with water drops. - TIC To PICO is a wrapper for some TIC-80 functions so you can play its games in PICO-8, why not? - Pico-paint is a tiny painting program. - Hair is a platformer demo with lots of objects. - Superwarm is a SUPERHOT demake tech demo. -- Work In Progress -- - Survive is an in-progress top-down survival game with a day/night cycle.


You need a copy of PICO-8 to play these games. Right click the images and click "Save Image" to save the cart. Open PICO-8 and type "FOLDER" to open the cart folder. Move the downloaded image into this folder. Use the "LOAD" command to load the game and "RUN" to start it.